Who Am I?

​Who am I? I don’t know. I am many things in one, Yet I’m nothing. I might be the ex-depresee who once in a while wanders – yes I think I have it now, I’m a wanderer, wandering slowly through life like a mad man who… No wait, I guess I may have finally found […]


​Lucy Right person, wrong time,  I was a broken yute when I was with you, And although I lied to you, The feelings were always true. Match made in heaven but we went through hell, I hate how things turned out, I knew you loved me, Hell you’d break your leg if that was the […]

Sing About Me Vol 2

​I woke up this morning and figured I’d call you In case I’m not here tomorrow I’m hopin’ that I can borrow A piece of your time, I’m behind on what’s really important My mind is really distorted I find nothing but trouble in my life I’m fortunate you believe in a dream These dark […]

Sing About Me

​Sometimes I look in the mirror And ask myself: Am I really scared of passing away? If I died, what would everyone else say? At night will they go to bed unconcerned? Or mad sad at the demise of their friend? The same one they never gave a hoot about? Nah I think the fuck […]

Straight Outta Depression-ville 

​Yo God,  What’s good?  I need you back.  Devil is in my thoughts  In my mind He’s attacking my soul I need you bad.  This is some shit that I hate to share But the pain has become to hard to bear Sometimes at night I can hear them jubilating  The demons – because they’ve […]

Broken Vol 2

​All those damned cracks They decorate every wall in sight, And the crumbling pieces fall without being noticed Hands have tried to love the cracks through healing,  And for a time the patch might hold, but new tremors turn into quakes and the fractures grow wider,  Stability only a temporary concept as each passing day […]


​I struggle in my mind Between thinking and feeling I fight in my heart Between hurting and healing I’ve never asked for a break I’ve never asked for what I take My love is a gift That I cannot seem to  accept I’ve no words of wisdom I don’t have the answers My brain is […]