Falling Vol.2

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I prayed for benediction,

All I got was some pretty women on my premises.

I prayed for peace,

All I got was a house,all the butlers and handmaids were nemeses.

I feel like my wrongs are finally catching up.

Like my carry-on baggage is heavier than the plane I’m on.

I feel like I am falling.


All I seek is a way to right my wrongs

Take all the money,you can even add the fame,

If only you can stop these thorns.

These Belaire bottles ain’t helping

And the purple kush drink has done nothing

But to heighten my woes.


Perhaps you can take me away

In a casket or a Bentley,

To the reaper or to a place which will only heighten my misery,

And make me feel all the more like

I am falling.



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