I’ll Be There For You

I’ll be there for you….

I’ll be there for you when you call me,
I’ll be there for you when you don’t,
I carry your heart with me,
You will never be alone.

You have been imprinted in my creation,
Our pasts journeys have made us now,
With our spiritual connection,
We’ll get through this somehow.

Sometimes I will cry for you, I will also cry for me, just because sometimes the hand life gives us, just isn’t very pretty.

Whatever the road or journey, this life or the next, the toughest challenges can never be a test.

Because if you reach for me I have you,
I will be directed by your needs,
My love for you is forever humble and clean.

I will be strong as can be, although tears run down my face, we’ll not worry about those struggles, good memories we’ll put in place.

We’ll eat good food together, and talk until day light, we’ll laugh our belly full, and won’t always be polite.

We’ll always share great moments, our hearts won’t stay still, We’ll wrap ourselves in treasures, and our souls we’ll always fill.



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