A Letter To My Son

Sorry Junior,

But I have already ruined ya’

The mistakes of my life will continue to haunt ya’

All those things I did and never did

T’was all for you;Please cherish it


My son,please never have an ego

If anyone ever wrongs you;Build with it-leggo

If I am ever busy to teach you values

Remember this one:Let love lead,wherever you go


Where I came from “the scales was lopsided”

Street Justice.Yeah!That was all the wrong I did. But it was to build a republic that stands

I don’t know for sure.But I guess even God understands

That I tried to build an empire for my little man.


Lastly,Lil Hommie,never go searching for love on Facebook

‘Cos that’s just like looking for a wife in a strip club.

A little money box taught me.I learnt the hard way

I hope it never happens to you someday.


It’s time to leave.Till we meet again bye!

Until then,I pray me and yo momma be in love when we conceive

That way,I’ll never have to leave.

My daddy left,and I still can’t forgive him

So I promise ,I ‘ll never repeat him




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