Ready To Die


When I die,

I pray my momma never cry

Because  I caused her so much grief,when I was alive

Lying to her;Damn,I even stole from her purse.

Even if I was an excuse for a son,I know I was the worst!


When I die ,

I pray people don’t  cry

I pray people don’t miss me.

For when I was alive,

I was a problem;Oh how I wish they coulda fixed me


When I die,

I don’t wanna go to heaven.

I don’t know,but I feel like I don’t deserve it.

Because I was born a sinner

And I would break rules just to be a winner.


When I die,

Please tell my momma I really loved her

For all the times she’ll need me I just wish I’d be there.

I am really sorry momma but my life is a mess

Just know I’m gone when I stop replying em texts.


When I die,tell Lillian not to worry.

And Please tell Susu that I finally learnt to say sorry.

Me and Lucy never kissed,but I hope she is glad that I’m gone

I just hope tears never come to her eyes.

And I hope she forgives me for my disrespect and the lies


When I die,

Please tell Pius,my school son,that I’ll miss him

But for all the time in school that I used to diss him

I am sorry.I was failure

I just hope he grows to be a better man


The stress is building up and it’s holding me down,

It’s so severe,it’s putting a lean on my crown.

I want to leave,

But I just can’t believe suicide is on my mind.

It’s not my fault;It feels like death is calling me.


When I  die,

Please don’t waste time.

Just take me away.

Like I overdosed on cocaine

Or like a bullet from Kurt Cobain.


But wait!

Have I told my momma how much I love her?

Have I told Akorfa how much I appreciate her?

What about all the dudes back in Persco?

Have I apologized for my stupid ego?



Then perhaps I am not really ready to die .



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