My aim of writing is not to get on an A-list

So I can make greens and get Bs

Who take of their undies when they see me

Take D, eat it, and F 

Like some of my own report cards. 
The more I write,

My desire for all those things diminish 

Now I only wish to furnish my mind, 

To elevate my soul
Fuck this flashy lifestyle 

In this era of dumsor even in my soul, 

I write to keep the flashlights on. 

Don’t come close please 

My mind is a dark abyss

This pen and paper will flip the switch on. 
Risk it, 

Look deeply into the window panes to my soul

What do you see?


“Loads and loads of them”
All these sins, 

I swear it wasn’t me 

Writing exorcises some of those demons

So one day I hope 

These sins will all go away! 
Writing purifies my soul, 

Gives me hope 

That one day I will know peace

That one day I will know intimate calm
To me,there’s no better prospect

Not girls. 

Hell not even money 💰 

Cos as Chris Wallace said 

“Mo’money, Mo’ problems”
And hell

As it stands 

I have had more than my fair share of problems already .



  1. Generally good but a bit raw on the general outlook
    The connection in the whole poem was loose ….no real connection in some of the lyrics


  2. Generally good but a bit raw on the overall outlook
    Connection between lyrics was very loose and that creates different conceptions about the whole poem


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