​This Shit Ain’t Easy 

It ain’t easy for me to move on

But seeing how you did it breaks my heart. 

It is so hard for me to pretend everything is alright 

It is so hard for me to pretend like nothing ever happened 

Like there was a never a time you wanted me

Like there was never a time talking to you was the best feeling. 

Seeing how you do it? 

I hate to admit it,but I feel played 

You used me and that’s so okay for you 

So I guess it’s gotta be okay for me too
I can’t even talk about it anymore 

Cos you’re going to say I am tripping 

You’re going to call me heartless or some shit like that

And I hate that. 

So Imma put my feelings on this sheet

Imma make this pen bleed for me

Imma make this paper cry for me

Cos I am a man

And where I am from

A man can’t cry

I just hope one day you’ll realize that I really did love you

Just do me a favor and don’t hit me up then



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