Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? 

Heart for sale 

Heart for sale

Anybody wanna buy a heart? 

The heart of 17 year old messed up kid

It done felt too much

It done been hurt too much 

But I guess it’s still okay for whatever a heart is worth
Heart for sale 

Heart for sale

Slightly heavily damaged heart for sale

Damaged by these arrows Cupid shot

It managed to dodge a lotsa them arrows

The more it tried,the more Cupid fired

Till alas he couldn’t manage to dodge em anymore 

And when they struck, 

The pain mixed with the fatigue of dodging all em arrows 

Damaged it beyond repairs 
Heart for sale

Heart for sale

This is the heart that tried to jump the boundaries society put up

Its master thought it could leave the slums in which it was born

Hop into the aristocratic world he had always dreamt off

Find love, nourish it and watch it flourish into something big

Stupid little heart 

With a stupid little master

Fore he could say Jack,

The higher ups 

The forces that be, threw him back to where he belonged 
Clearly damaged by the first arrow

The little heart 

With its stupid little master

Set out to find love.

If you thought they’d learnt their lesson 

Boy,you’re as wrong as I am

Cos they went to search for love 

In a strip club. 

They did find something 

But it was the furthest thing from love

They got used, played and dumped 

And there,ladies and gentlemen was the second blow
So here it stands 

A sign of pain 

A sign of failure 

A sign of despair 

A sign of regret


Almost beyond repairs 

So anyone wanna buy this heart? 

Oh and lemme not forget to say

That it suffered all these blows

In one day



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