31st December 2016

​December 31st 2016

New Year’s eve 

On our way to church 

Momma in the front 

 Jennifer and I in the back seat.

Pondering over my new year resolutions

At the same time loathing my self for my sins 

Wanting to confess to a priest.

But Naw!

Imma put it on this paper 

I never killed a man 

But I hurt some ladies 

Someone told me that shit is the same to Karma lately 

Drove them crazy like they were Mercedes 

This one is for all the beautiful ladies 

The ones I hurt 

The Lillians, the Veras, 

The Tracys, the Belindas 

The Aishas, the Sandras

The Lucys, the Matildas

And all the I can’t mention you heres 

The I-don’t-know-what-you’re-doing-latelys

The I-still-care-about-you-maybes 

Please take every step carefully 

Don’t make the same mistakes you made with me

I know this probably won’t make a difference 

But I am sorry for how I treated y’all 

Sorry for wasting your time 

Sorry I couldn’t be a better me

I was a beast 

A monster 

A mistake 

But there are good guys out there 

And I hope you all find true love one day

Cos ain’t none of that in this godforsaken heart of mine



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