These words that I’m writing

might seem soft 

But that is because they just left

their reference point 

And  that is inside my mind where 

there is always a storm going on

And before I let my thoughts precipitate,

For a minute I meditate , 

On what is about to be 

Poetically written,

Altruistic is the Essence of this 

‘Cause I know the power which words hold

So as I past by my future

My “now” is always to be righteous,

So I wonder if… 

You would keep an open mind 

As you read these words that I composed.
Just imagine if,from a plane 

You were about to Jump 

And  the parachute which would save your life 

Was your way of thinking

So I just wonder if 

  the words that your mind drips 

On the tip of your tongue you let them sit

For  a minute before they are spoken or written.

‘Cause emanating from within I 

am this deep poetry spilled beatific ,

 Which you will understand 

Once your mind has digested the verb,

And here is this esoteric knowledge

From a humble man.   

Be Slow to read this 

But lightning fast to understand …

‘Cause what you are reading on Now O’clock

Is fire & I’m writing this with ink from my heart,

 As I’m blowing clouds 

Every once a deep sigh leaves my eye ,

Figure that out ’cause…

We are living in a Modern World 

Where most just worry about the looks, Superficiality is vanity if you ask me…

So be quick to listen to my mess



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