​I know that you call me

And I am sorry I  ain’t pick up

I am kinda busy tryna pick myself up

Overwhelmed  with grief as I write this

This can’t be my mid-life crisis 

I ain’t half way through my life yet
How have you been? 

What’s up with you? 

I have seen some photos lately 

You look wonderful 

I hate to admit it 

But I still have love for you 
Tears spill as soon as this pen hit the paper

I let you down,so what are you showing love to me for?

Tell me, can your faith in me ever be destroyed?

I know you are ashamed to admit that we ever had a thing 

And it kills me deep down inside 

Boison got crashed by a big car

And I got crashed by my hard past

Went back to my roots got depressed as fuck

And now every night I break down and cry
Before you go on and cry

Before you go on and tell the whole world how heartless I am

If I died before putting our names in a poem

Could I count on you to put it in one?