I Am Fine

A situation caused a rip, in the fabric of time;
Never thought clearing the air, could be so sublime. 

All my feelings shared, all my words are said;

Everything now, is in another’s head. 
I have done my best to fix it all; 

What you do, will be your call. 

I’m wondering, what you will do;

Is this friendship broken, & over too?
It’s funny, when you stop & think;

That bonds can change, in a blink. 

What was strong, is now unsure;

Something exceptional, is now very poor. 
Never thought something silly, would get in the way;

Make everyone sad, & ruin the day. 

Friendships, & caring, is meant to be strong;

What has happened here, is very wrong. 
My heart is clear, I have done my best;

I leave with you, this friendship test. 

Are you my friend, or will you go?

If you figure it out, find me, & let me know. 



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