My regrets trickle all around me,
Like a stream that goes to my heart,

It severs, and cracks my arteries and tissues,

It enters my blood stream,

Black and corrosive.

As I consider all the mistakes I’ve made,

It deteriorates my soul.

The ebb and flow,

My heart pumps poisons to my lips,

And within I self-destruct.

I ignite burning with the turbulence I cannot handle,

I sabotage, again and again.

What was love becomes pain,

And hope is lost,

As I find myself in a web,

I struggle, I flail,

Against the madness,

But the stream has become an ocean,

And the current takes me,

The undertoe pulls me,

As I gasp for air I sink,

Into the madness,

And salt fills my lungs.



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