What Hurts The Most 

​What Hurts The Most

Is not the painful words,
Nor the lack of time;

It’s not the recurring misdeeds,

Nor all those lies;

It’s not the sporadic humiliation,

Nor the constant distress;

It’s not the daily frustrations,

Nor the usual unrest;

It’s not the uncertainties,

Nor the arguments at times;

It’s watching her hastily leave

Without saying the reason why.

It’s like the truth playing in slow motion,

Showing the act of unsaid emotions;

Showing me where I really stand;

The truth that I have to accept and understand.

That’s what tears my soul apart. 

I want to cry about it. 

But a man ain’t supposed to cry

So I will make this ink spill

In place of my tears. 



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