My Phantom Valentine 

My dear is just a dream away, 

She is made up of skulls and revenge. 

My phantom valentine rides on her favorite skeletal dark horse, 

Ready to offer me her sordid love and her melancholic kiss. 

You see, 

She is romance not even worth the paper it’s written on! 

But at least I pretend she is. 

My Phantom Valentine, 

Wishes night time was the day, 

So she could roam around, shameless in her gloomy gown. 

But I, as her lover, 

Is greedy and would forever wish she is stuck in my imagination. 

So that in day or night 

In dumsor or in light

In  the rainy season or Harmattan 

I can slip away from humans 

Who think I am one, 

Remove my mask

And together walk with my phantom valentine, 

Like a groom without a bride

Tears without a face

Dreams without hope, 

And kiss her till her skull melts in my hands

For she – only she

Is my beautiful, and yet dark, twisted 

Phantom Valentine. 



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