Digital Love 

The Cassonova of text
Meets the Queen of fast replies

Between the lines

He weaves his magic

She knows at first 

Tries to counteract it

He planned it exact, it’s 

all coming to a head

Six good nights and seven good mornings

She’ll be ready for his bed

But she was ready for something deeper

They gave hints on social media

Sayings and pictured quotes

Of what she despised and loved the most

She feels because he listens

She’s getting close

He reels her in

She reveals her in

Inside of her heart she let him in

He didn’t belong

Deep down she knows

But this is better than feeling alone

Late night texts turn into

Midday calls

Then soon to always in a call

Then suddenly none at all

You begin feeling numb

Your skin starts to crawl

How could he? 

How could you have been so blind? 

Used again

When last time was the last time

Digital love

Wishing it was

Tangible but it’s not

Empty words on a cracked screen

Broken hearts can’t be fixed

By emojis and pics

But still we chase that digital love

Knowing it’s not even real… 



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