Forgive Me Father 

I am starting to think ‘human’ means ‘faulty’ in some medieval language 
Because every time we sin

We go to the Father 

“Forgive Me Father ,I am only human”

That’s what we always say

As if that’s enough justification for our imperfection
I have made a lotsa mistakes, 

Only thing is I don’t look back on it. 

I’m ready for change ,I wanna grow 

So I take the mess

And I act on it. 

Just like how the bacteria takes dead bodies and then acts on it

To release nutrients for plants growth. 
Things got changed especially since I got a kid now, 

She look up to me, so I know I gotta make the moves and never slack on it. 

And I got to look out for her 

Clean up the streets that I grew up on 

So she can have a better place to play. 
Trying to level the odds that I gotta beat 

So she don’t ever have to go through what I did. 

I may make some mistakes 

But it is what it is 

I ain’t going to put it on some demons inside me

Or an alter ego

It was me, 

And I did it to protect my daughter 

Judge me if you want to 

But I didn’t have an option 

My hand was forced

So what’s it going to be 

Are you going to 

Forgive Me ,Father? 



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