Last man standing,

First we lost Alvin, 

The pain was almost unbearable 

But with you by my side, 

I was able to endure it. 
Now that you’re gone, 

Which shoulder am I to cry on?

The pain is too much 

But I take consolation in something I heard
That the streets that you walk on

Are paved gold,and they put you in a mansion 

Trumpets sound loud and the angels sing,

As you spit some bars for the heavens

You got a standing ovation ,then they gave you wings
But I am stuck here, reminiscing about the days

I was innocent and young.

I see the man I have become and I am ashamed 

I just wish you could have taken me under your wings when you left

But you had your own troubles and I understand

All the burden and sins that come with being a man
You thought me how to do some basic things, 

Like how to make five-star meals out of basic ingredients like gari,shito,and mackerel 

And hell you don’t even know how many times that saved my life. 

But now you are gone and I am lost again 

Lighting up the doja, hoping it will take away the pain 
Please forgive me 

You didn’t teach me to be a scaredy cat

But I am scared to look at Sebastian in the face 

And tell him we’re going to be alright 

Although his daddy’s gone

Like man, the lil nigga only four! 

Why couldn’t you wait for us to prepare ?
You left too soon

I had to turn myself into a man, 

You had some demons of your own 

So it’s cool I understand 
I thought we could find sometime 

So you could take me to the court to practice free throws ,

Have a drink together 

So you could tell me about the demons 

And how to beat those

I am looking at the life lessons like “damn, I need those”

And memories is all I got 

And through my tears I see those.
Late nights at school we moved from box to box

Bumping Cole, till I knew those songs word for word 

My pen is screaming these words to the heavens

I hope my pain is heard 

Oh I’ve started sipping purp and that’s why my voice is slurred. 
My eye is welling with tears as I think about it 

That we’ll never get to do all the things we loved to do together 

But a smile comes on this face

When I realize that I get to see my daddy, my best friend, my mentor

When we meet at heaven’s gate 

Until then, remember 

You’re gone but I’ll never forget you 




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