Why Do I Always Get Hurt? 

​Why do I always get hurt? 

I give too much to people who don’t even deserve it in the first place 

I love too hard

I expect people to love me the way I love them

And treat me how I treat them.
I am not enough for anyone 

I am a broke stupid boy

Oh I said boy? 

Bastard seems right… 

I am a fool.a big one

Always get myself hurt
Why do I get hurt? 

When I love someone I want to lie down naked with that person 

Oh no I don’t mean sex!

I am not even ready for that

I mean I lay my emotions bare 


So much that if the person turns even slightly cold 

I feel the hurt immensely 
I wish there was a way to stop all this

I could stop being a bitch inside 

Maybe if I started loving myself the way I love others my life would be great 



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