​So very tired and frustrating

Living in closed walls that keep creeping in

I wish I can touch you

You try so hard to reach my skin

Holding on to my heart so sweetly

Yet I keep pulling away in fearful doubt

I can’t make any sense of this

I can’t seem to work this out
The signs keep coming everywhere

My physical senses become impaired

I cry myself to sleep, I scream in silence, this pain is real, I can’t concentrate

I don’t know what you’re feeling

I wish you’d tell me how you feel

I wish you tell if this is real

I wish you tell me, it’s too surreal

For me
Yet when I saw the lines joining in perfect sync

And I dared to gaze in your soulful eyes 

That fateful chance I thought I try

What was seen to me was so beautiful

A place where I finally belonged



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