Will We Go To The End? 

​I know you love me, Pius

But my issue is pride 

If I ever told you I missed you I lied.

Sometimes I know you just look at your phone like “bitch, I wish you’d try”

But I am scared that you may not be enough for me 

Scared that all the dreams will pull a Pompeii on us
You know I love you, Pius

But I also love me. 

In as much as I want us to be 

I am not ready to let it kill a part of me. 

And I know that pushes you away 

You get mad, then pissed and then you cry.

Light up a spliff and blow kush clouds to the sky. 
I know you love me, Pius 

I know you wish I could tell you my dirty little secrets

But could you promise you’ll keep it? 

I can’t lie baby boy, 

You’re an angel 

But I just need someone who’d go to hell with me. 



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