​These days I can’t even wake up with a dry pillow 

And it’s not like I even ever get some sleep. 

The stress is building up 

Eyelids too heavy 

Feeling weary

But apparently 

They lighten up upon the mere thought of sleep 

Feels like I’m too tired to sleep. 
As y’all lay in your cozy beds, 

Dreaming about your love lives, bright future, 

I lay on this floor. 

Pen in hand, scribbling these lines,

Hoping that as the ink finds a resting place in the bossom of the paper

I might find rest on the cold hard floor. 
I play my favorite songs, 

But my mind never fails to awaken to wave at the familiar melodies 

It never fails to realize that the next line is one of its best friends 

So it has to get up and place a call to the mouth, its closest comrade

To say the line out loud
I play songs I cannot vibe to, 

Slow, melody filled, without a lot of words

But it’s only then that my brain knows it loves the art of beat making 

It dissects every single aspect of the beat 

Instrument after instrument, pitch after pitch, 

It lays each one of them to sleep in the dying of my phone’s battery. 

But my eyes are still open. 
Finally, my eyes start to get heavy 

And my dumb self lightens up at the thought of finally getting sleep. 

But no!

My eyes are heavy with  tears, 

Which formed because my sub conscious thought about my life

How messed up it is 

How bleak and unrealistic my future is

How my dreams are just going to remain just dreams

But since I never get some sleep,

Can I even dream? 
I would go into the specifics of my life

But I just heard the cock crow, 

Another day, sigh

So perhaps I will do that tonight. 


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