Picture Me  Vol 1

​Picture me, 16,

With ego as big as my ass, 

Burning down bridges and driving all my friends away

Yearning to live life in isolation

Thinking it’s cool. 

Now, picture me, 18, 
with a pen in hand,

Scribbling my woes away hoping it makes me happy someday.

Fighting coke addiction

Battling insomnia and

Slowly losing a war to depression

My walls are closing in

And there’s no one to talk to

Because I drove em all out at 16.

Picture me , 19 ,dressed in all black 

Laying in a coffin, surrounded by my family

Momma blaming herself because that night she heard the gun cock

Before I announced my exit from this earth with a loud bang to my head. 

Or picture me, 19, I finally went to school 

And I don’t let anything distract me from my books

I finally found a girl who loves me how I want to be loved 

I won the war against depression 

Insomnia hurriedly packs its sleeping bags and flees my life. 

I finally found happiness. 

Picture me, 23, I followed my dreams 

This pen bought me a house with a picket fence 

And a maid. 

This pen gave me a life. 

Momma sits on the porch, sipping cranberry juice 

Watching me and my friends play basketball 

Or picture me, 23, I didn’t chase my dreams 

Instead I allowed myself to be swayed by the storms life threw at me

So I ended up with a 9 to 5 

Eating waakye during my lunch break 

And scribbling some lines 

Hoping I never lose the only thing that helps me maintain my sanity 



  1. Interesting how you portray one person with the two outcomes being likely to occur in his life per the decisions he chooses to take. At least he realizes his mistake from the start. Simply amazing work

    Liked by 1 person

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