I’ve Seen My Grave by @Yo__Sel

I’ve seen my grave and I wasn’t enthused by the writings on it 

Though I’ve seen your wreaths laid with kind tributes about my persona I’m not too excited
I mean, where are my accomplishments?

 Have I kept them in my dreams? 

Certainly, I remember I have a lot 
Where is the bragging right my children need to have that wherever Mr.  Tali is mentioned 

Everyman will say “Oh That Man!”

Ok so how many streets did the Government name after me? 

I saw Muhammad Ali and he asked me why am I not sitting between him and Micheal Jackson because that spot was left for me

Malcolm X sitting next to Ali laughed out loud and said “Selorm took my words for granted”

I turned to him, only to see him holding scroll with the script “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

Oh Yaweh, I can’t believe I have fallen, but I thought I was following the crowd and there wasn’t portholes on their street 

And Jesus whispered “You followed blindly”

Oh gosh, I won’t sleep in this dark dream and that’s why I’ve frantically woke from this sleep

I won’t let time slip from my grips so I’m starting with @Cerllo_MaisonGh and @Yeye_today will follow 

You can be part of my life just like we are all part of Messi’s and Messi being part of Ronaldo’s 

It don’t matter which team you playing for but we all need to score goals and challenge each other’s adrenalin to do more 

So if you see me walking by today and making noise, know that I’m screaming and working to take this year’s Ballon D’or

One thing I’m hiding from you is that Malcolm X also told me ” So early in my life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise”



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