Picture Me Vol 3

​Picture me a legend 

Worldwide or in my dreams 

Known for the little droplets of tears I hid deep in between the smudges of ink on my paper 

Picture me a coward, 

The type that runs when they have a kid with a woman 

The type that never sees to the welfare of the kids he brought to this world 

Naw, I couldn’t picture that. 

Naw, I couldn’t ever think of that. 

Picture me a good dad, 

The type I never had. 

The type that teaches you life lessons 

The type that tells you about the life obstacles and how to beat those 

The type that makes memories with you 

So that even when he’s gone ,in your mind’s eye, you will see those! 

Picture me in a grave, 

With nothing to my name 

Just a few pennies and a chain

Because I jumped on a Tidal wave 

To make music. 

Instead of following my dreams. 

A picture I didn’t paint. 

A memory that soon fades. 

Or picture me, in my grave

Happy with the choices I made in life, 

With a few thousands to my name, 

A pen and paper in my hand

Hoping that if the journey gets tough again 

I will paint another picture. 



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