Broken Vol 2

​All those damned cracks

They decorate every wall in sight,

And the crumbling pieces fall without being noticed

Hands have tried to love the cracks through healing, 

And for a time the patch might hold, but new tremors turn into quakes and the fractures grow wider, 

Stability only a temporary concept as each passing day hammers spikes through the hand-drawn flowers in between the cracks.

The boy wanders through the rooms and weeps without knowing why, Memories play backward through his eyes, 

Fairytales of ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ and ‘unconditional’ soothe him to sleep when he collapses under the anguish

Once in a while he catches a faint scent of sunshine and lemon-flavored smile floating through the halls and he runs, hoping to find her, 

The dream that kept him searching. Tear-filled eyes stare from the shadows at him 

As he laughs and runs, calling out his hope

 Until he realizes there’s nobody there.

The cracks in the wall creak as they spread, 

His hands argue with each other, 

One claws at the holes while the other attempts to patch the wounds. 

The boy laughs while he weeps, trapped in his decaying dwelling.


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