Straight Outta Depression-ville 

​Yo God, 

What’s good? 

I need you back. 

Devil is in my thoughts 

In my mind

He’s attacking my soul

I need you bad. 
This is some shit that I hate to share

But the pain has become to hard to bear

Sometimes at night I can hear them jubilating 

The demons – because they’ve already won

The noise becomes too much to bear

That I wish I had a gun, so I’d aim it there

And shoot my pain

Kill my demons

And slay my fears. 
I don’t know but it feels like that day is drawing closer 

But before I die, I have to say a prayer 

For strength so I can lay myself bare. 

When they put me in my hole 

Don’t say a word

Don’t shed a tear for me 

For I found the strength to lay myself bare. 

This messed up journey began before I knew it 

They must have been really in love 

But that man left as soon as I came around 

If you are reading this I hope you feel ashamed 

If it wasn’t for you it wouldn’t have come to this. 

Fuck you!!!! 18 years and I am still not over this
Before I knew it, I was growing up. 

Momma was doing all she could to hold us up. 

Took me to the best school around.

The teachers loved me, hell, who wouldn’t? 
By Class Four I was fantasizing about women

I thought hitting the road will give me some street cred 

But Sundays I still followed mum to church 

And poor her, I think it was about that time that I started going through her purse.
By Class Six I was crushing on Hannah

She had a good heart and a bright smile 

I didn’t want to ruin it all with my darkness

Jhs 1 was uneventful.

It seemed for a moment that everything was alright.

I had the most beautiful girl in the class sitting beside me.

And I thought she felt the same way I felt about her, silly me
I still had the reigns on in my academics

It was about JHS two that Akorfa came,

All the things she did for me I really appreciate

I just wish she didn’t kill the vibe
I went to SHS and that’s where I started losing it

That’s about the time that I fell and lost my faith

Threw caution to the wind,together with all poor mum taught me
The fast life lasted 3 years,

Then it all came crushing down.

The walls.

My karma came heavy

Everyday I danced with the devil,

Looked him in the eye

And told him to do his worst 

I met the angel of death a couple of times,

Even begged him to take me along.

Each time he said, “please, NO, not today”
If you’re reading this it’s too late.

I managed to persuade  the angel of death to take me with him.

Don’t blame me

Don’t cry for me.

My eyes had a gleam once.

My future looked bright once.

I wish it hadn’t come to this

But if wishes were horses, then I guess poor beggars like me would ride

Far away from our woes

Into Paradise.
I don’t know where I’m headed

I don’t even know what I believe

But for the sake of all your beautiful souls, I pray the spiritual is real

So I can see you each and every day 

Even in my torment.

My soul is already in the furnace

I have come to terms with that
But if there’s another life,

I hope I get to meet you all again

Because even a rough ride is worth it

If you’re with people who care about you



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