Sing About Me Vol 2

​I woke up this morning and figured I’d call you

In case I’m not here tomorrow

I’m hopin’ that I can borrow

A piece of your time, I’m behind on what’s really important

My mind is really distorted

I find nothing but trouble in my life

I’m fortunate you believe in a dream

These dark thoughts keep prodding at my conscience

And my heart gets teased by the mirage of love

Hope joins in the party, and reality crashes it.

Last night was another episode, although more intense,

Of my soul sitting in despair,

Clutching a few strands of hope,

Strands made of thorns bigger than those in Jesus’ crown at the crucifixion

They cut deep into my soul, removing a ton of  flesh as they came out

After that, I guess you know exactly what happened

You ran outside when you heard me  cry for help

Held me like a newborn baby and made me feel

Like everything was alright,

No you fucking didn’t!

So as I sit contemplating whether you heard me cry for help in these poems and chose to ignore,

Or you were just too blind to notice that they were cries for help,

My soul has faith that, if these thorns continue removing tons of flesh from me,

Unbearable pain after unbearable pain,

I would lose my weakness: my humanity.

So each morning, I cut myself to see if I still bleed

As blood spilled on my hands,I plan for the day I will lose my humanity

And my plans are rather vindictive

Everybody’s a victim in my eyes

When I ride, it’s a murderous rhythm

I would probably get a demon glued to my back, whispering “Get ’em”

So when I get ’em, I won’t  give a fuck

I wonder if I’ll ever discover happiness and go back to 

The life that I knew as a youngin

Filled with peace, and covered in harmony

And I love you ’cause you cared about me 

At least you said you did

Just promise me you’ll tell this story when  I’m gone.



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