Favorite Flavor

You’re my favorite flavor,
Sweet soft and real,
You smell absolutely incredible,
And I love the way you feel.

You’re my strawberry and my cream,
My angel delight,
You’re my drug addiction that I don’t have the will to fight.

Your senses just arouse me, your smile is tender too,
You’re my sweet favorite flavor, and I believe in you.

It’s not just your body image, it’s your mind, your eyes and heart, it pulls me to your spirit, and does not leave no draft.

I enjoy my indulgence of you, my disturbed sleep patterns with you in thought,
I like my humbled existence, and don’t worry about being caught.

In this age and time of modern life when there’s little value of the same, I enjoy my favorite flavor, and smile when I hear your name.

Yes the values of old are in me, where I appreciate you so much,
My sweet favorite flavor my love for you I trust.




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